Product’s Origins

Despite its small size, Cyprus is characterized by a rich fauna, much of which is its herbs.

Due to the island’ s ideal soil and climate conditions, the Cypriot nature is an endless and diverse herb garden, within which many ancient secrets for our health and beauty lie.

The island’s herbs and essential oils have always been very popular for their excellent quality, therefore large quantities of them were exported in neighbouring countries since the antiquity. Even today, though, the Cypriot herbs are placed among the best in the world.

That exact quality gave the island’s herbs a special place in the Mediterranean cuisine. There is no doubt that each cuisine’s spices are its “soul” and the Cypriot cuisine stands out for its native herbs and spices, with the distinct aromas and flavours that they add to dishes and desserts.

The Bion product series offers a variety of herbs that will bring the treasures of the Mediterranean to your place and will fill it with its ancient magic and aroma.