What ‘Bion’ means

Τhe word Bion comes from the greek word βίος/vios,
which means:
1. life, existence, 2. lifetime, 3. way of life.
For the Ancient Greeks, there was a clear distinction
among these three meanings.

The life they chose was more than just an existence.
And definitely more than just a long existence.
It was a life revolving around the conquest of physical,
mental and spiritual wellbeing.

The Βion name is the expression of that very philosophy.

We choose a healthy body, spirit and mind.
We choose the Bion way of life.


Why Bion selects organic products ?

The way foods are grown can impact both our health and the environment. Since our mission is to provide products that promote health, we are committed to offer you products that are certified organic. The organic certification is important to ensure the integrity of the food you eat and at the same time protect the environment and the health of farmers.

In order to be labelled as ‘organic’, food should meet specific requirements in the way it is grown and processed. Organic crops must be grown in safe soil, free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Thus, it costs for a farmer to get an organic certification for his crop and that is why only passionate farmers choose to grow organic crops. Bion works with farmers who have attained organic certification for their crops, toensure high quality, great taste and offer you the health benefits of organic food.

Organic food has more beneficial nutrients than the conventional food. It offers more vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids and help you reduce the amount of toxic chemicals and food additives that enter your organism.